『English in Wonderland  Green Book pp.6-7

 seven stars、 potatoes、 fish、 Pinnochio、 mail box、 clock、 
a mouse reading a book、 nurses、 bread、 a mouse going to the barber

Can you find seven stars?
Yes?  Then, you can see the mouse who has some potatoes, can't you?
How many potatoes does he have in the bag?
Is the mouse wearing a pink dress a city mouse or a country mouse?

Look at the big brown clock in the house.
It's a grandfathers's clock.  What time is it by the clock?
There are two Pinocchios.  Can you find them?
One is sitting in the blue sofa, and the other is standing by the window.

Can you find a police officer?  He is wearing a white belt.
Can you find the mouse who is reading a book? She is wearing a pink dress.
Can you find a mouse who is wearing a red vest and a pair of green pants?  He has a long beard.  He is going to the barber.