『English in Action  Green Book, pp.2-3』

@ABC Song を歌いながら、小文字を指で追わせる
AWhat color is the letter ‘t’?
 What color is the letter ‘p’?
 Tell me all the letters that are red.
 Tell me all the letters that are yellow.
@Put your pink chip on the letter‘m’.
 Put your orange chip on the letter‘o’.でチップを置いていく。 
AWhat is the letter under the blue chip?と、記憶力ゲーム。
*Can you find a small boy?  He is wearing a pink shirt and blue jeans. He is standing on the giant's hand. (絵クリック)
*Can you see a taxi? What color is it?
What is the name of the taxi? (絵クリック)
*Can you find a panda? It's very small.  Look at the newspaper.(絵クリック)
*Can you find a star? Yes,it's on the top of the Christmas tree. (絵クリック)

フォニックスへの導入  ‘A’for ‘angel’, ‘B’for ‘bat’, ‘C’for ‘cat’, ‘D’for ‘doughnut’, etc. 絵を捜してください。 2つ以上あるものもあります。