English in Action 公立小学校用改訂版

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『English in Action Textbook @ 公立小学校用改訂版』の内容
  L. 1  新しいクラス     I am Miss Maki. I am Ken Sato. How do you do?   L. 2  おともだちになろう    How are you? Fine, thank you. I am hungry. I have a hamburger.   L. 3  おともだちを増やそう       This is our new friend Joe.     I live in Kawada-cho.   L. 4  写真持ってきたよ    What do you have? I have two pictures.         This is my family. My brother is 15. My sister is 8.   L. 5  曜日と科目        We have 5 lessons on Monday. We study math on Monday.   L. 6  お天気の言い方と四季    Is it raining now? No, it isn't raining. It's fine.       We can play outside.   L. 7  わたしの誕生日      Happy birthday, Tomo. How old are you now? I was born in October. I was born in Nagasaki.   L. 8  ぼくのペットは短足・動物の自己紹介        He is my pet. His legs are short. I have big ears. I have small eyes. I have a long trunk.   L. 9  写真を撮ろう・サラダを作ろう      Let's take a picture. Please stan up, Kimi. Wash the vegetables. Boil the eggs. L.10   ぼくはサッカーが好き・記憶力ゲーム    I like soccer. I like soccer, too. Let's play together.       She likes tulips. You like baseball. I like dogs. 表3  自己紹介をしてみましょう。
I am (名前).       
I am (年齢).
I live in (町名).
I go to (学校名).
I have (兄弟、ペット、その他). 
I can (何でもよい). 

『English in Action Textbook A 公立小学校用改訂版』の内容
  L.11  狼と7匹の仔ヤギ(1)    I am Mother Goat. You are the Wolf. Are you a baby goat? 早口ことば [b]   L.12  狼と7匹の仔ヤギ(2)    I am the director. She is Mother Goat. He is a hunter. I have a basket. She has a basket. 早口ことば [b][m]   L.13  狼と7匹の仔ヤギ(3)        We are animals.               We have white legs. You have brown legs. 早口ことば [p]   L.14  狼と7匹の仔ヤギ(4)    Where is my basket? It's on the table. Where are you? I am in the clock. 早口ことば [d][t]   L.15  狼と7匹の仔ヤギ(5)       You have a gun. Are you a policeman? He has six baby goats. They are my babies. 早口ことば [f][v]   L.16 動物園で       This is a swan. That is a duck. Is that an African elephant?         早口ことば [th]        L.17  デパートで      These are sweaters. I like this pink sweater. Those are model cars. I like that red car. 早口ことば [th]   L.18 白雪姫と7人の小人       There is someone in the house. Who is she? I am an old woman. Whose house is this?   早口ことば [s][sh[z]   L.19  エベレスト山はどこにあるの?      Where is Mt. Everest? It is in Nepal. Japan is in Asia. Kyushu is near Korea. 早口ことば [ch][sh][j]   L.20 太陽系の星    There are nine planets. They are .... There are twenty-four hours in a day. 早口ことば [w][n]   表3 ライム: 大の月、小の月の覚え方